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ArcGIS Server documentation

The ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 documentation, which is installed with your software, contains a tour of the ArcGIS Server software, setup and configuration steps, walkthroughs for common and advanced tasks, and tips to help you get the most out of the software.

This format of installed help is new at 10.7. It is a local installation of the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation website, packaged and bundled with each software component. The new format gives you the ability to access any page in the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation from your installed help.


This installed help will not be updated once your system is set up. Esri often updates the online documentation for each supported release with new topics, such as information about patches. To see this content, visit the online ArcGIS Enterprise help.

The ArcGIS Server documentation is organized into the following sections:

  • Introduction—Learn the basics of ArcGIS Server and its licensing roles, and see what's new in 10.7.1.
  • Deploy—Make a comprehensive plan for your ArcGIS Server site, and then configure it after installing or upgrading.
  • Manage data—Connect to and work with your organization's data stores to get the most out of your spatial data.
  • Publish—Familiarize yourself with GIS service publishing and the types of services ArcGIS Server can host. Troubleshoot and optimize your publishing workflows.
  • Share—Turn your services into valuable GIS products such as basemaps, web apps, and printed maps.
  • Administer—Secure and manage your ArcGIS Server site, monitor site performance, and control your users' access.
  • Develop and extend—Build custom extensions for your services and automate common administrative tasks with scripting tools.